Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

The Power of books and other thoughts

Yes, for me books have got special powers. The most important one is that they make me feel at home, wherever I am.
If you didn't know yet, I am currently abroad for one semester in Bratislava, Slovakia. When I first arrived, I didn't feel comfortable at all, everything was so different and new. I started getting really homesick, especially because my second day here was a public holiday and I didn't have anything to do.
Those of you who have been away from home for a longer period might know that boredom is best friends with homesickness.

So I decided to walk around the city center which is absolutely beautiful in comparison to the area where I used to live until two days ago (yes, I arleady moved after one month of my stay but it was a good decision). I was already feeling better after my sight-seeing tour but I only got over my first phase of homesickness when I went into a bookshop the next day.

I finally could forget that I am far from home and won't be going back until christmas just because I was able to walk around a bookshop (the bookshops here in Bratislava have a rather large choice of English books), look at books and noting in my mind which ones I would like to read.

It also helped me to arrange my books in my room, which makes it much more mine when there is a pile of books lying around.
In retrospective I am very glad that I was not more sensible while  packing my suitcases. I squeezed books into every possible space left in my luggage which means that in the end I brought 17 books with me. Seventeen books that give me happiness whenever I look at them.
In addition to that I also had one new purchase last month (I am proud of myself that I didn't buy more) which was 'If you could see me now' by Cecelia Ahern, one of my favourite books of all time.

So, to all that booklovers out there: When you are homesick, try roaming around a bookshop you like, maybe it will help you as well!

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