Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Deweys 24h Readathon!

Hi fellow bookworms, I hope you are having a happy Friday!

If you didn't know, tomorrow there will be a fantastic bookish event taking place: Deweys 24h Readathon! Bookworms around the world get together (virtually, of course) to read with everyone starting at the same time!
I will be starting tomorrow at 2 pm. which is quite convenient I think... unfortunately I don't know how much reading I can actually get done as I already have agreed with some friends to go out in the evening. However I will read as much as I can before and after that!

My personal goal is to read eight hours out of the 24 which is unusual for me to do and will already be a challenge.

I have picked three books from my TBR of which I am currently reading 'Burial Rites', but I am only 84 pages in so there is still a good chunk of it left. After that I will either read 'The Assassin's Curse' or 'Abgeschnitten' which is a German thriller, depending on what I fancy :)

So, I hope tomorrow will be a successful day, I will be posting updates on Instagram rather than on my blog because it is less time-consuming. 

Happy reading!

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