Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Neuzugänge September & Oktober 2015

Das ist glaube ich das erste Mal, dass ich zwei Monate zusammenlegen muss, damit ich genug Stoff für einen Neuzugänge-Post habe! Der vom letzten Monat hätte nämlich so ausgesehen:

Ich habe nur ein Buch gekauft!

Da war ich wirklich sehr, sehr stolz auf mich und habe mir selbst auf die Schulter klopfen können.
Das eine Buch, das es in mein Bücherregal geschafft hat, ist 'If you could see me now' von Cecelia Ahern. Es gehört zu meinen Lieblingsbüchern, ich habe es bestimmt jetzt schon drei Mal gelesen und es hat es wieder geschafft, mich zum Weinen zu bringen.
Diese Geschichte hat mir aus einem kleinen Heimweh-Tief herausgeholfen, weshalb ich wirklich glücklich bin, dass ich nicht gezögert habe, es mitzunehmen.

Diesen Monat ist es dann doch wieder ein wenig mehr geworden, vier an der Zahl.

Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

[Review] Burial Rites - Hannah Kent

Publisher: Picador
Price: € 10,49
Page count: 330
Language: English


Iceland, 1829: Agnes is going to die. She is sentenced to death for double murder.
She only has a few months left that she is supposed to spend regretting her deeds and preparing for death. She is sent to live with a family on a farm as she cannot be kept anywhere else.
More and more the priest who tries to absolve her, and with him the reader, finds out what Agnes' real story is. Everything is not as it seems.

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon - Wrap Up

I did it! My first readathon is over and I think it was quite successful.
I managed to finish both 'Burial Rites' and 'The Assassin's Curse' which was one of my goals. I liked 'Burial Rites' way more, it was a great and emotional read but not as fast-paced as 'The Assassin's Curse'.

I just about reached my goal of reading eight hours even though I was home a lot later yesterday from my girls night out than I expected which was 3 am. But I don't regret anything, and I think I enjoyed reading even more because I had less time than I thought. It was not enough time to become lazy and take more and longer breaks than necessary which makes me feel very successful in the end, having reached my goals.

Overall I read 418 pages, about 52 pages per hour which is my average reading pace so I did not slacken during the readathon. I only participated in the first mini challenge but I liked looking at the posts of other participants and following other people's progress on Instagram mostly.

I had a lot of fun reading this much in one day and I will definitely take part in the next readtahon 2016 and I am already looking forward to it!

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Warm up and get started

A a preparation for the next 24 hours of hopefully reading, here is a little warm-up post with the questions from Dewey's 24 Hour Readtahon website!  

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
I am spending a semester abroad in Bratislava, Slovakia and that is from where I am participating! Probably mostly from in my bed...

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
I am so looking forward to going on with my current read, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent because it is incredible and really gripping. After that I will probably pick up a German thriller from my favourite authour out of this genre, Sebastian Fitzek.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
Gingerbread! I love it and I am so happy that we are going on christmas again and to have them in stores finally.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I am Anni, a student from Hamburg and I am currently spending my fifth semester of my Bachelor's aborad in Slovakia because I am doing an internship here. 

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
This is my first attempt ever to do a readathon and I am most excited about hearing about other people's progress, what they are reading and how much. I hope that is going to motivate me!

It's only ten minutes until the readathon starts and I am so excited! I will crawl into bed now and get ready for this challenging and exciting day!

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Deweys 24h Readathon!

Hi fellow bookworms, I hope you are having a happy Friday!

If you didn't know, tomorrow there will be a fantastic bookish event taking place: Deweys 24h Readathon! Bookworms around the world get together (virtually, of course) to read with everyone starting at the same time!
I will be starting tomorrow at 2 pm. which is quite convenient I think... unfortunately I don't know how much reading I can actually get done as I already have agreed with some friends to go out in the evening. However I will read as much as I can before and after that!

My personal goal is to read eight hours out of the 24 which is unusual for me to do and will already be a challenge.

I have picked three books from my TBR of which I am currently reading 'Burial Rites', but I am only 84 pages in so there is still a good chunk of it left. After that I will either read 'The Assassin's Curse' or 'Abgeschnitten' which is a German thriller, depending on what I fancy :)

So, I hope tomorrow will be a successful day, I will be posting updates on Instagram rather than on my blog because it is less time-consuming. 

Happy reading!

#Leseparty zur #fbm15

Die Buchmesse ist der Traum vieler Bücherwürmer, so auch von mir. Dieses Jahr hat es wieder nicht geklappt, da ich ja im Ausland bin. Für alle, die das gleiche Schicksal teilen, hat die liebe Primaballerina zum zweiten Mal die #Leseparty ins Leben gerufen!
Alle Bücherbegeisterten, die Lust und Zeit haben, verbringen das Wochenende mit Lesen und hoffentlich regem Austausch. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie viel ich schaffen werde, mein persönliches Ziel liegt bei zwei Büchern für dieses Wochenende.

Hier jetzt sehr verspätet, meine Beiträge zu den Aufgaben:



A1: Zum Startschuss der Leseparty möchte ich natürlich wissen, welche Bücher ihr als eure Partybegleitung erkoren habt! 

Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

[Review] Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Price: € 8,81
Page count: 335
Language: English


Imagine a world where abortions are forbidden and human life is inviolable. But only until you are 13 years old.
From that day onward until you finally turn 18, whoever is your custodian, can decide to have you unwound. Which means that you are taken apart to provide your organs to people who need them. 

We follow three main characters in this book with completely different backrounds.  

Connor, 16: problem child 
Risa, 15: ward of the state 
Lev, 13: loved and cared for by his family who raise him as a 'tithe'
They are very different but have one aspect in common: all of them are supposed to be unwound.

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

[Rezension] Solar - Ian McEwan

Verlag: Diogenes
Preis: € 11,90
Seitenanzahl: 397
Sprache: Deutsch


Michael Beard, 53, ist Nobelpreisträger der Physik. Doch seine besten Zeiten hat er hinter sich. Er lebt von seiner Reputation, gibt seinen Namen für Briefköpfe her, käut seine prämierte Idee in Vorträgen wieder und ergattert Fördergelder für ein politisches Prestigeprojekt: das Institut für Erneuerbare Energien. Wirklich neue Energie aber steckt er nur in den privaten Bereich: Während seiner fünften Ehe hat er es zu elf Affären gebracht. Nun aber rächt sich seine Frau und nimmt sich einen Liebhaber. Genau in dem Moment, als alles ins Wanken gerät, bietet sich ihm die Gelegenheit zu einem Coup ...

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

The Power of books and other thoughts

Yes, for me books have got special powers. The most important one is that they make me feel at home, wherever I am.
If you didn't know yet, I am currently abroad for one semester in Bratislava, Slovakia. When I first arrived, I didn't feel comfortable at all, everything was so different and new. I started getting really homesick, especially because my second day here was a public holiday and I didn't have anything to do.
Those of you who have been away from home for a longer period might know that boredom is best friends with homesickness.

So I decided to walk around the city center which is absolutely beautiful in comparison to the area where I used to live until two days ago (yes, I arleady moved after one month of my stay but it was a good decision). I was already feeling better after my sight-seeing tour but I only got over my first phase of homesickness when I went into a bookshop the next day.