Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

The Time Machine - H. G. Wells

I'm very proud of myself because I've read another classic!

And again, it was a good idea to not know a lot about it as it is a very short book (120 pages). That's why I won't tell you anything about the content, the title reveals what it's all about and everything beyond that would spoil this wonderful book. So basically with this post I just want to say 'Read it!'.

I've already said it, it has been the best read so far this month although it is so short. Usually I'm not into short books because often they aren't very deep but 'The Time Machine' proved otherwise.

It is very unique and the style was incredibly beautiful but in a way that doesn't shout at you 'Look at me, I'm beautiful!'. I enjoy books the most when authors don't try to write a poetic book but when it just develops naturally, like when someone tells you a story and suddenly he says something beautiful without intending to.

So after reading his first book I'm covinced that 'The War of the Worlds' will follow soon.



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