Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

[Want to read] Summer 2015

So I set myself this challenge to read 15 certain books in July and August because I will be abroad in Bratislava for six months starting September. I can't take heavy books with me to Slovakia as I will be flying and there are those weight restrictions unfortuantely.
So in order to have small and not so heavy books with me then I thought it would be clever to read the books, that I won't be able to take, now.
And that thought then evolved into a challenge which hopefully also helps to make my TBR shrink.

Long story short, these are the books I want to read over the next two months:

First, I have some rather big and heavy paperbacks, the first three are in English and the other ones are in German.

The rest of the books are all hardbacks and I can't wait to read all of them, especially 'A Darker Shade of Magic' and 'The Circle' although I have heard some reviews that are not too good about the latter.
I am currently reading 'The 5th Wave' (finally) and I am really enjoying it so far, I am about 180 pages in right now. I don't know if I'm really going to read 'Tender is the Night' as I am not wild about that.

But I am absolutely sure that I will read 'The Hero of Ages' soon as I would then finish off a trilogy and I very much liked the first two books.
I actually already have read 'Die Buddenbrooks' but a while ago I got these two books by Thomas Mann in this beautiful special edition and I wanted to re-read it. (Now I am not completely sure about that anymore.) I do plan on reading 'Der Zauberberg' and 'Der Ruf des Kuckucks' ('The Cuckoos Calling') soon though.
So, as you can see it is quite a challenge, especially because some of these are classics and it always takes me longer to read those. But 15 is not an impossible number, considering the amount of books I read a month. We'll see how it went at the end of August!

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