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The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Contents Book 1

I hate being spoiled myself and that's why I will only describe the contents of Shatter Me.
Juliette has spent the last year locked up, abandoned by her parents because she is dangerous. 
She has not spoken to anybody and tries to stay sane when another captive gets locked in with her - Adam.
There is a bond between them and Juliette craves after being loved but she can't touch him as that would kill him...

My opinion

Tahereh Mafi creates characters that are round and highly individual and I feel like this whole trilogy depends on them. Their actions always felt plausible to me and never constructed or artificial.
The downside is that almost the whole plot is driven by the protagonists, which left the impression that nothing would have happened if the characters didn't do anything. Nothing ever happened to them. There were only reactions and no actions from the other characters and even the antagonists in these books.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed the plot and character development, especially Juliette's development.
There is a love triangle (who would have guessed...) but it was okay. I didn't think that it was an enrichment to this story though, Tahereh Mafi certainly could have written a fantastic book without any standard YA components.

I really missed information about the world, which is typically dystopian but in contrast to other trilogies there is no character that could give us an insight into 'normal' people's lives. I wanted to know how everything got destroyed but these books never give a lot of information about that.

But the story is never boring, I enjoyed all of the books in this trilogy, I think I liked the last one most. Probably because of Juliette (Warning! Maybe tiny spoiler over here, but nothing significant.) becoming badass (finally!) and I do like my strong characters.

Summed up this trilogy is definitely worth reading if you haven't already. Original ideas and thought-through plot really make it worthwhile!



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