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[Review] Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

macmillan Publishers

Publisher: Griffin
Price: $ 18.99 / € 13,79
Page count: 325
Language: English



Eleanor is the new girl in town and different. She doesn't look like everyone else and she doesn't behave like everyone else.
Park sits next to her on the bus and thinks that Eleanor is somehow very interesting.
But her difference is more deep-seated than anyone in her class expects.

My opinion

No doubt, this is a teenage love story. But Eleanor and Park are not the typical teenage love story characters. Park is far from being the most popular kid in school and Eleanor really got to me. She is vulnerable but also very strong and not predictable at all.
Although I couldn't fully understand what she was going through as I have never experienced something like her childhood I always could sympathize with her actions.

I stumbled over some opinions on this book before reading it and someone said that this book is about 'Insta Love' (two characters falling in love after a short period of time without properly knowing each other). I can understand this point but I also can't.
Eleanor and Park definitely take their time (otherwise this book would be over very fast as there is nothing else in it but their relationship and the problems that come with that) but it still isn't clear to me why they fell in love.

But that is not really a bad thing as it got me thinking why people fall in love with each other. I didn't come to any conclusion so I guess there doesn't have to be a reason. Which means that Insta Love is not unrealistic, especially not when a book is about teenagers (falling in love with someone else every two months... yes, I'm looking at you).

This book left me behind with a warm, cozy feeling and I enjoyed reading it very much. 
The only negative point that I have is that there really isn't much else to this story but love and family issues. It could have been set anywhere, the story would have been exactly the same. I missed some of the feelings that I get when I read books by other authors, when I feel like I am there with the characters. After finishing the book I would really want to visit where it took place.

But still, if you are searching for an enjoyable read, you can give it a go.

I plan on reading Rainbow Rowell's books in the near future so my rating has to leave some room for improvement.


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