Freitag, 28. November 2014

[Want to read] December 2014

I have been so addicted to books the past few weeks and that makes me want to read every book on my shelves at the same time, right now.
I thought I would be a little less impatient if I told everyone which books I am the most excited to read in December. Does that sound good?

Here they are:

Can you guess which of these I want to read first?
Right! 'A Christmas Carol' But maybe I should wait a little longer, a week before christmas would be the perfect time for this wonderful, gorgeous book. (Btw, I adore that edition!)

I hope that I will be able to read this much as I will have to write a term paper next month. Surprisingly I don't read less when I have a lot to do but even more. I use books to procrastinate.

There are worse things to do when procrastinating so I'm actually quite well off.

What do you want to read in December? Any christmas books that you can recommend?

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