Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Reading in English - torment or joy?

I started reading English books when I was about 14 or 15 years old and the first book was.... 'Twilight'. Yes, I know.
At that time I was rather obsessed with the first three books that had come out until then but to defend myself I have to mention that the hype hasn't started until then. It was before all those girls began to adore Robert Pattinson as there haven't been any films yet.

The reason for choosing that book is that I already knew the story in German so even if I hadn't understood half of the words I would have known what it was all about.

And that I definitely recommend. Pick out a book that you already know if you want to start reading in a different language that you don't understand 100 per cent.

Also don't make the mistake to have a dictionary beside you as looking up every second word will spoil everything for you. My experience was that it gets a lot easier once you have got through one or two chapters, just don't give up when you find it hard to get into the book.
Now I prefer reading books in their original language when they have been written in English as it adds a lot to the experience. (English copies are often a lot cheaper than German ones and also more beautiful in my opinion.)

Reading in English has helped me a lot in school and also afterwards as you tend to forget the language when you don't speak it regularly.
I have to admit that I still have to gather ambitions to start reading in French which will probably be a project of some more years.

(I can see 'Le petit prince' waiting for me on my shelf right now!)

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  1. Lustig. Genau damit habe ich gerade angefangen. Und ich bin 15

    1. Sehr gut, das hat mir auch in der Schule geholfen, wenn wir Bücher auf englisch lesen sollten.