Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

My new great love: Harry Potter - The Complete Collection (Bloomsbury hardcover edition)

I never had a complete set of Harry Potter books and that's why I have searched for a beautiful boxed set edition for a while. At first I wanted to get the American hardcover edition that comes in a trunk but I had two problems with that one. Firstly, it's American and that makes it not original anymore. I didn't want a version with words changed from British to American, I wanted the pure original.

And then I found this:

This is the Bloomsbury Hardcover edition that came out last year and I was in love with it at first sight. Now I just had to get it.
And that turned out to be a problem as it didn't pop up when I searched it on that one website where you can buy books (you know which one I mean). So then I found it on the website of a German bookseller where it cost about 150 Euro. Alright, I knew that books are expensive and that isn't much too expensive for seven hardcover books.
So I ordered there.

About a week later I saw someone else showing this edition on YouTube and there was a link to that one website where you can buy books and I thought, well they seem to have it now, let's see what it costs there! So I clicked on the link and I thought I might get a heart attack!
It was 85 Euro on that one website where you can buy books!
So I had to send the package from the German bookseller back to them when it was delivered and odered the one for 85 Euro.

That was quite annoying as I now think that I was just too dumb to find it when I searched the first time.

But okay, I was still very excited for the package.
It was delivered and I was really stunned how beautiful those books really are. But then, when I looked closer at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I saw it: A big fat scratch all over the front cover! (Well, it wasn't that big but still it reached all over the front cover.)

Okay, sent that package back and ordered replacement. It was delivered on Tuesday and I couldn't find any huge flaws so I could finally place these beatiful babies on may shelf.

And now, the moment you've waited for: the parade of the most beautiful Harry Potter covers I've ever seen:

I'm participating in the Harry Potter reading challenge created by a German BookTuber (Brivido Libro) and I cant' wait to read these beauties in 2015!
You can find my updates on all the challenges I'm doing this year here!

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  1. The new book covers are gorgeous. Can I have the link from the site where you bought this?

    1. Hello :)

      I got it from amazon and I found it on the bookdepository (, just a little more expensive.

      On amazon I could only find it when I type in Harry Potter Complete Collection, the search is a bit weird with this boxed set...