Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult

Katie is Amish and she is accused of murdering her own baby. In addition to that she is eighteen years old and not married.

That's what I knew about this book before reading it and was very curious about it but in the end I got something totally different from what I expected. Mainly we experience the story from the perspective of Katie's lawyer, Ellie, who comes to live on the Amish farm. Not from Katie's point of view as I expected but after finishing it definitely makes sense as it is.

I definitely enjoyed the writing style and also the setting as I found it interesting to learn something about the Amish life and I also got to love all the characters.
But a big part of the book was about the trial and the investigation beforehand. And that's what I didn't like so much, not because Jodi Picoult couldn't make it interesting, but because I don't like to read about American trials in general.
I don't like how it's all just a show and I don't know if it really is the way it is described in the books I have read so far, but it just doesn't seem fair to me.

But I don't want to talk about American trials here.

Summed up I can say that I enjoyed this book and I couldn't stop reading at times but it's not my favourite.

I wonder if this is the author's thing because I have seen the film 'My sister's keeper' and it's all about court as well.
Maybe that would mean that Jodi Picoult is not what I want to read although her style is really good and I hope that I will come across a book by her that is not about a trial.


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