Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

The Valley of Amazement - Amy Tan

I have finally finished this book and it was my last book of 2013.

I'm quite satisfied with it and I think it was a good book to end 2014 with.

We get to know the protagonist Violet during her early childhood, accompanying her as she grows up in a courtesan house in the 20th century.
First of all I had to look up what courtesans are although I could have easily got through the book without exact knowledge but I like to prevent any kind of confusion from the start.

A courtesan house attracts men but it is totally different from a brothel as the suitors have to conquer a courtesan with presents until they eventually sign a contract over some seasons and then the man becomes the woman's patron.
They almost have a relationship as we are used to besides the courtesan is not allowed to be herself. She tries to satisfy the man in every way so that he will be kind to her and make her life easier with his money.

Violet ends up in a courtesan house and we then follow her on her path to adulthood and I could comprehend her feelings well to the point where I had to stop reading in order to find my way back into reality. 

I really liked the plot which was tragic most of the time but the author does have thoughts about love and life in general that I found very interesting and I even copied some beautiful sentences that I read over and over again.
 Amy Tan has got a writing style which took me in and I can recommend the book to anyone who likes being captured in a story.



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